Text Message Marketing is still a no-brainer

We’ve talked before about text message marketing and how it is a no-brainer (see post). Recently we’ve added a couple of real world case studies on our site at etextco.com, one of a restaurant and another of a real estate agent that again prove that text message marketing is a program that virtually all businesses should not be without.

The restaurant launched their first text message marketing program by creating a contest to promote to all of their Facebook fans and their email marketing list. They were able to generate a $3500 return the first week and over $19,000 for the term of the campaign. The real estate agent was able to generate over 60 new leads the first month of the program.

Without a doubt, text message marketing works, and of course, considering our program is only $39 a month compared to competitors at three times or more the price, everyone should be doing it.

What we are doing now is looking for new customers that would benefit from a text message marketing program and for which we can document some more real world case studies of to gauge success and effectiveness. So for every new customer that signs up and would like to participate by letting us provide details about their business and campaign results, we’ll help them develop their program for free, which is a considerable value considering we charge from $350 and up to develop campaigns. To participate once signed up for the program simply call us at 1-866-622-5710 and let us know you’d like to participate in our special text message marketing case studies.

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