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Text Message Marketing 2.0

We’ve got the best text message marketing platform on the planet, bar none. At $49 a month our text message marketing platform offers more features than just about any other platform out there.

With that said, we just went all 2.0 on you with an even greater enhancement of our platform with the addition of 3 new and exciting features.

The first new feature is our “Inbox Feature”

How it works is like this:
When sending a text blast to many people some of them may perceive it as a personal msg.
Therefore they reply to it as if you are sending this msg privately to them.
With most text message marketing platforms the user will never receive a reply back & potential business is lost. So advertisers don’t miss out on these opportunities, we built INBOX!

With the eTEXTco new inbox feature the advertiser now has the ability to capture what their subscribers are replying!

Secondly, in conjunction with the Inbox feature on our text message marketing platform we also offer “Two_Way Texting”

With two-way texting, businesses will be able to diversify the conversation by enabling a two-way communication experience between themselves and the customer. With this innovative feature, businesses are able to send out whatever they please such as updates, notifications, and even special offers that individuals can instantly reply to directly from their mobile phones. As a follow up, customer support can then also be done directly to the customer in a live setting through a built-in chat platform via the text message marketing control panel which enables a more efficient system to be created between a business and their clients.

When consumer bases are capable of replying to ad campaigns and receive prompt responses directly on their phones, as well as interact in a live setting with the business owner or support staff not only does it assist in lead generation, but it also enables trust and loyalty to grow for any given business. Overall, no matter how it’s used, two-way texting will benefit any business and we now offer it with ALL of our text message marketing plans for no additional charge!

Third, we have built a standalone KIOSK that makes it easy for any retail business to sign up new customers to their text message marketing plan.

Introducing the eTEXTco all-in-one custom tablet. Better than a KIOSK the custom tablet is preprogrammed with our proprietary software and enables the advertiser to quickly and easily incorporate a comprehensive text message marketing program into their store.

Wit the eTEXTco tablet the advertisers will seldom need to even login to their advertiser portal as they can do most everything directly from the tablet.

How it works is this:

We preprogram the table with the advertisers logo and branding and plugged into either an opt-in or a loyalty program and their select opt-in list on the back end.

The tablet comes with a high quality brushed nickle stand that is either mountable with the included screws or mounting tape so the advertiser can mount the tablet directly near their POS.

Once the tablet is setup, a customer simply enters their cell phone number into the keypad in order to join the advertisers program.

When/if the advertisers wants to send a text message blast to their list, it is very easy to do directly from the tablet with no need for them to login to their control panel. They simply enter their private four digit pincode into the tablet and this enables the back-end where they can quickly and easily type and send a text message blast to their list.

The Kiosk requires a wireless internet connection in order to work/transmit its data however the data sent is small so uses very little bandwith.

The Kiosk will work even when there is not an internet connection so it will save any data entered then transmit when the connection is again viable.

We use an Insignia 8? or 10? tablet and both have been tested extensively for reliability.

The tablet comes with a high quality nickle stand, not a cheap kiosk stand made of plastic.

Considering that text message marketing is one of the best forms of marketing today and the low cost of our program it should be a no-brainer!

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