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Tips on Creating an Effective eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Tips to Create an Effective eCommerce Marketing Strategy When starting an eCommerce site, it is helpful to have a marketing strategy. This guide provides some tips to create an effective eCommerce marketing strategy. By 2040, up to 95 percent of all shopping will take place through e-commerce. Creating an e-commerce marketing strategy now will help […]

Internet Marketing

How to Increase Sales Online: 7 Sure Ways

Are you wondering how to increase sales online? It can be simple. Here are 7 sure ways to increase your online sales and run a successful business. With more than 1.3 million online businesses, selling your goods online can be a competitive industry. Online businesses can also be lucrative, though. The key is learning how […]


Adding eCommerce for your business, part 2

In a previous post I expounded on the virtues of Zencart and how it made perfect sense for a small business on a limited budget needing a comprehensive and robust eCommerce platform that was easy to setup, configure, customize and operate. On the positive side, Zencart is free software, has a lot of third party […]


Adding eCommerce for your business

I was reading an article recently on Open Forum entitled “tips for adding eCommerce to your business.” Although I found the article entertaining as it did have some valuable tips for adding eCommerce to your business I found it sorely lacking in that it didn’t really provide anything substantive on HOW to add eCommerce to […]


eCommerce Security 101

There are some basic rules one should follow if they operate an ecommerce site that are important for overall security for your business and your customers. Unfortunately we see clients not paying attention to these rules and sometimes it might cost you dearly. 1. This rule applies to both your personal and your business. Never […]