3 kinds of Internet marketing customers (continued)

In our previous post (3 Kinds of Internet Marketing Customers)we talked about customer A and how they will likely not succeed at their Internet marketing unless they become more like customer B or C. In this post we will talk about customer B.

Customer B recognizes that having a website isn’t about “Build it and they will come.” They understand it will take some effort to build the site towards success. Customer B understands the principle of “At least a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.” They don’t have a lot of money but they invest regularly in their site to keep it in motion. They recognize that a successful website is like a river, it must be in constant motion to stay fresh and alive and when it sits still it stagnates.

Customer B has identified the steps necessary for success.

They know they must constantly monitor their traffic to determine if their site pages are reaching their target customer appropriately. This process teaches them better ways to reach their customer and more effective ways to communicate with them. As they learn they adapt and modify their website accordingly.

They’ve learned that in order to be successful they must achieve top representation in the major search engines for the keywords and phrases integral to their success. They understand that to do this requires a process of evolution for their website, that each page must be continuously optimized until it achieves successful representation. If they do not have the time and inclination to learn how to do this themselves they budget and employ a search engine marketing company such as Adtastic Hostings’s company web-sem, that will work with small businesses in an affordable manner and assist them with this process.

Customer B doesn’t have a huge budget but they recognize the importance of ongoing and long-term marketing for their site to be successful. They set aside a small amount of money, usually a few hundred dollars monthly towards the ongoing maintenance and marketing of their website. They find a web company like Adtastic Hosting that offers affordable ongoing professional marketing services and they stick with them. Over time they find as they do the right things enough times, that the site grows, traffic increases, sales begin to occur and it all begins to pay off. This is the difference between them and a customer that simply does nothing and wonders why their site is not successful.

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