Where are your company reviews?

Have you seen what people are saying about you? Go to google.com and search your company name for reviews  (type in: yourcompanyname reviews)

This is how people will check you out before doing business with you.

Chances are more than half of your potential customers not only will search online when they are interested in purchasing a product or service that you offer, but will also read reviews about you before they will make a decision to do business with you (in fact more than 80% according to a survey by brightlocal http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2278033/Local-Business-Reviews-Read-By-85-of-Consumers-Survey).

85% of your potential customers looking for reviews about you before they make a decision to do business? That is significant. Even if it was only 30% or 40% it would be a huge factor in driving sales or signups to your business.

Have you Google’d your company name lately for reviews?

Making sure you have great reviews that are highly visible and rank well on major search engines, especially Google since it commands almost 80% of all searches is important. And further more, to keep those reviews “in house” so to speak, on your own website where you can both control them and serve them from your own web domain and not be at the mercy of review aggregators  like Yelp that redirect your potential customer is also important.

We’ve looked at this problem and have a solution for anyone looking to benefit form company reviews. We offer a review program unlike any other that is low cost and highly effective. Go to www.google.com and type in “Adtastic Reviews”. There you will see reviews on our company along with pretty “stars.” These are actual reviews by the way, from actual clients.

We installed the program on our website and it was showing up like this on Google within about one week! And since it is centered on our website, not a third party site like Yelp, we have control over it and are not at the mercy of a visitor having to click through to our site to get to us. Even better, we can manually add in our customers previous testimonials that we’ve received in-house to insure they will be recorded into this system as well. And we can control whether to allow a review into the system or not which might be useful to some. Fortunately we have always only had rave reviews from our clients.

We’ve developed this into a program offer for our clients. Here is how it works. We install this system into your website and input any existing reviews you already have. (These can only be reviews not already posted on a third party site such as Yelp). Within about a week you’ll begin to see the positive results in Google. You’ll have a great review program and you’ll have control over it unlike other third party programs. The program will be available for a low monthly fee of $29 per month. For more information about this program you can call us at 1-866-622-5710.

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