3 kinds of Internet Marketing Customers (part 3 of 3)

This is the final post of our 3 part series of the 3 kinds of Internet Marketing Customers Adtastic has served. Although there are probably as many types of Internet Marketers as there are websites these 3 reflected in our series are the most common types we have experienced in our 16+ years of business.

Customer C has built a viable and profitable internet business or series of businesses on the Internet. Just like a successful brick and mortar business they invest significantly in their ongoing online marketing, website maintenance and customer development. They aren’t necessarily particularly tech-savvy but they realize the need to employ tech savvy professionals to cover the vital areas of online successful marketing.

They apply constant web analytics and thus their website is in a constant state of split testing, evolution and growth based on the information being learned. They invest heavily in ongoing seo for organic rankings in the search engines as well as in extensive pay per click campaigns.

They understand the importance of social marketing and effectively use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to further their ongoing branding and marketing.

They realize that there is no magic answer and nothing is ever perfect but that the constant march towards perfection is an evolutionary process and the pathway is the proper use of the analytics data that is constantly collected and measured from their ongoing programs.

In the perfect sense this is the perfect customer. There is plenty of hard work involved and we like that and we get to do what we do best and employ all of the tools and experience. Our customer understands and appreciates us and that makes it all the better for the experience.

Now, if you are in the business of providing service to this type of customer (or hoping too) you know it didn’t come easy. It takes a lot of hard work to develop this type of customer and then to keep them. And if you are like me, they didn’t drop onto your plate all perfect and loyal to you. You developed their business over a period of time, they gained trust and confidence in your services and you maintained them consistently and continue to do so.

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