Every Day Should Be Black Friday

Let’s face it, Black Friday is notoriously frenetic, at least from the retail standpoint. And then there is Black Monday, the “Internet’ version of Black Friday. But of course, just like Christmas marketing seems to begin earlier and earlier every year so too now Black Friday and Black Monday marketing schemes are being pushed at us weeks in advance.

And, don’t get me wrong, I’m always one for a good deal too. Often around this time of year is when I make business purchases of software or other program related products I am interested in that have deeply discounted their pricing.
But when it comes to marketing and online success which is what we do for our clients around here, I think perhaps every day should be treated as if it is Black Friday. Of a sorts, anyways. What I mean by that is purely in relation to the mindset of the marketer. I’m not suggesting that you push insane deals out to everyone or that you frenetically, aggressively market your products or services every day (or any day). What I am suggesting is that you position yourself so that you are offering your customers the very best in pricing and product at all times. And more importantly that your potential customer perceives this.

How you do this is by being aware of your competition and creating vast separation between you and them. What they do, how they do it and how much it costs. Creating the huge and significant difference between you and them is what will most set you apart. When it becomes obvious that you are more passionate, more prepared, more capable and better priced than everyone else out there then you just might have created your own version of “Every Day Here is Black Friday” and your potential customer will be more excited about doing business.

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