Top 10 Reasons Why You Need SMS Marketing

There are many different ways to drive new business but repeat business is the most lucrative.

The biggest question to ask yourself is which marketing tools are going to be the most effective both in terms of cost and overall return.

The answer is simple: Short Message Service (SMS) also known as text message marketing is the least expensive and most effective form of marketing you can do to get repeat business from your existing customer base.

Here are 10 reasons why you need SMS text message marketing for your business.

1. It’s The Easiest Form of Marketing For Your Customer You can Do

Effective marketing can be a complicated process and often the customer can become confused or simply misunderstand what they need to do in order to respond. Offering incentives to them such as “like this post to get a coupon” can limit the overall return rate because it is asking the customer to do something that might not seem simple or be confusing at best. Sending a text message directly to their phone is a very successful  medium and has a much higher return rate than any other form of marketing because if you do it correctly it is easy for your customer to respond.

2. It’s The Most Highly Effective Form of Marketing

In terms of success rates, text message marketing is the most highly effective form of marketing for many reasons.

The message or advertisement being sent out by any business is seen, read, and understood almost instantaneously right in the palm of each consumer’s hands. It is estimated that over 96% of your customers will see and read the message within minutes of its receipt. Email or social media posts, on the other hand, have a much lower read rate and are not instant. And the return rate of say for example, coupons, is significantly higher than any other medium you can try in fact statistics show the return rate to easily be three times that of any other medium when done correctly.

3. It’s The Fastest Form of Marketing on the Planet

The engagement that occurs between a business and a costumer is almost instantaneous when you send a text message. Your customer will generally read the entire message being sent out to them because they are significantly shorter than emails or other forms of advertisements.
And for a business owner who doesn’t have a lot of time to spare, sending out a short and simple SMS text message marketing campaign is a far quicker process and much easier than any other forms of marketing.

4. It’s The Most Pleasant Form Of Marketing

In most other forms of marketing, your customer is typically inundated with marketing messages that they did not agree to receive in the first place.

This can be very annoying to them and lead to an unsuccessful ad campaign in the long run. An email list for example, is blasted to thousands of potential clients, only to be read by a few who will, most likely, forget they ever received it. Even an email list of existing customers that have agreed to receive marketing from you has a low read rate. We have customers that routinely email blast their existing customer list and the open rate is barely 25% of the list and these are customers that have agreed to receive these emails.

With SMS text message marketing, you don’t need to worry about that because not only has the customer agreed to receive the text messages studies have shown the read rate is almost 100% and usually within minutes of sending the text message.

5. It’s The Least Expensive Form of Marketing You Can Do

With prices set as low as just a few pennies per text message you send, you are capable of controlling the entire text message marketing campaign on your own personal budget. And when you consider that our text message marketing program at is only $49 a month you won’t find another program that even comes close in terms of low cost and high potential for return. As well, you are not wasting hours and hours on social media or spending huge amounts of money on advertising campaigns with minimal return rates.

6. The Speed of Return is Exceptional

Urgency in a marketing campaign is often a very effective form of advertising. The trick is to get an immediate audience that is engaged with you. With text message marketing you have this and more. Because the read rate is so high and the open rate is almost immediate you are able to engage your customer almost instantly. The most effective text message marketing campaigns will create an immediate urgency for response such as “As our valued customer we invite you to our closed door sale. For the next 2 hours only get 30% of everything in the store”. Restaurants use text message marketing very effectively this way by sending out a blast on their slowest day of the week  such as just before lunch time sending a message like “Today only for lunch buy one get one free”.

7. Generate Leads and Drive New Customers to the Business

Text “special” to 123456 and get valuable offers delivered right to your smart phone. Text “coupon'” to 123456 and get a valuable coupon you can use right now in the store. Text “info” to 123456 and get immediate details on this property/service/product delivered right to your phone. These are just some of the ways text message marketing is used to generate leads and drive new customers to a business. Then it is the follow up that becomes critical and valuable to generate new business. When you consider the exceptionally low cost of text message marketing there is no better way.

8. Easier to Engage and Enlighten

Conducting a poll, a treasure hunt or a contest is much easier with a platform like the one we offer at And because the receipt and open rate of a text message is almost immediate you find that your customer or prospect is engaged almost instantly. You are able to engage your customer or prospect much quicker and easier than with any other medium and you as a business can gather instant data on your subject which can enlighten your overall marketing plan faster and more robustly than with any other system.

9. So Easy To Operate Anyone Can do It

Software driven marketing platforms can be intimidating and difficult to understand. Even in our business we see competitor text message marketing platforms that might be very robust but are so confusing and difficult to navigate that it becomes near impossible for the average, less than computer savvy business person to operate. The eTEXTco text message marketing platform is one of the most comprehensive text message marketing programs in the industry but super simple to operate and to navigate and we even provide a jump start guide to help our customers get up to speed in just a few minutes.

10. Works For Any Business

Regardless of the type of business you are in there is a way to use text message marketing to your advantage and considering its extremely low cost you can hardly afford not to have it. If you are in the retail business and sell any type of product you simply cannot be without text message marketing otherwise you are wasting valuable time and money and losing a lot of potential repeat business when you consider it has been proven over and over again to be the most effective from of marketing on the planet. If you are in a service business there are many ways you can use text message marketing to generate new leads and engage current customers.

And finally, if you are a marketer selling marketing services to other businesses you should have text message marketing as a part of your service package. Not only can you bring in additional income you are doing your customers a huge favor by providing them with a platform that will help them to easily grow their business affordably. We offer a white label text message marketing reseller program and you can find more info on it here:

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