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SMS Text Message Marketing

Why every small business should be doing text message marketing (SMS)

Introduction to Text Messaging In today’s digital age, businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on digital channels to market and promote their products and services. This is why many small business owners are using text messaging as an effective marketing tool to reach their target audiences and communicate with potential customers. According to eMarketer, nearly 1.8 […]

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SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS Marketing: Ideas to Inspire Your Text Message Campaign

SMS Marketing: Ideas to Inspire Your Text Message Campaign When it comes to engaging your subscribers with text messages that will significantly boost sales, a few powerful ideas for your SMS marketing campaign! An estimated 45% of SMS marketing campaigns generate a successful ROI. That means that text message marketing stands to make your business […]

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SMS Text Message Marketing

Toll Free Texting for your business

Toll Free Texting now available with eTEXTco even if you do not already have a toll free number. In addition to the comprehensive text message marketing platform we offer via our site at eTEXTco we now also offer toll-free texting included within our texting plans. This offer some huge advantages to traditional commercial text message […]

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SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS Text Message Marketing: How Does It Work?

SMS Text Message Marketing: How Does It Work? Are you wondering how SMS text message marketing works but don’t know where to start? Keep reading and learn more about it here. Trying to build and maintain a customer base can be difficult. At times, it might seem like reaching even existing customers isn’t working. It […]

SMS Text Message Marketing

Customer Acquisition and Loyalty

Customer acquisition and loyalty is an obviously critical element to the success of any business. Businesses have to rely on a variety of methods to acquire and retain customers. Direct mail advertising, email programs such as monthly newsletters to your customer list, pay per click advertising, search engine marketing and social marketing are the most […]

SMS Text Message Marketing

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need SMS Marketing

There are many different ways to drive new business but repeat business is the most lucrative. The biggest question to ask yourself is which marketing tools are going to be the most effective both in terms of cost and overall return. The answer is simple: Short Message Service (SMS) also known as text message marketing […]