man using smartphone to send sms
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SMS Marketing: Ideas to Inspire Your Text Message Campaign

man using smartphone to send smsSMS Marketing: Ideas to Inspire Your Text Message Campaign

When it comes to engaging your subscribers with text messages that will significantly boost sales, a few powerful ideas for your SMS marketing campaign!

An estimated 45% of SMS marketing campaigns generate a successful ROI. That means that text message marketing stands to make your business some serious money, as long as you approach it the right way. Failure to have a robust text message marketing plan means less customer engagement and money left on the table.

So, what does the right text message marketing approach look like? We’re here to share a few of our best goal-oriented SMS marketing ideas that will help you to spread brand awareness, promote discounts and products, and boost sales.

The first step is simply to collect phone numbers of customers and potential customers willing to receive your message. How do you collect phone numbers and reach out to customers via text message marketing in a way that actually works?

Collecting Phone Numbers

Many business owners find that they have to offer serious incentives, like 50% discounts or multiple rounds of free shipping, to collect those digits. Generally, we find that just offering a discount coupon at time of sale will generate sign-ups. Offering valuable coupons or something useful will get sign-ups, the important thing is to make it available and obvious to join for everyone you come in contact with. It is generally easier to collect phone numbers of people that agree to receive your SMS messages than it is to collect email addresses or other marketing information because it is faster and more accepted.

Take advantage of impulse decision-making by adding pop-ups to your website. Include them in the online experience as your customers make their way to the digital cart offering significant incentives in exchange for their numbers. If you have a retail store, point of sale easy sign-on access such as a table top or floor kiosk at the checkout will help you get people subscribed to your program, especially if you offer an incentive such as a discount for signup. Kiosks are very easy to setup and inexpensive. We can help you get setup quickly, easily and affordably or provide other webmaster services if you need at

Boosting Brand Awareness

Even though many are reticent to share their cellphone number, most will forget that they’ve done so. It’s up to you to remind them of their interest in your brand by sending a welcome message. When they first sign-up you’ll have an autoresponder, perhaps even a series of them, first to send them their reward for signing up and then subsequently a text that identifies your brand, welcomes your new customer, and offers another small incentive or perhaps invitation to join a reward club. Our text message marketing program at eTextco can help you get started quickly and easily and provides a robust power set of tools.

Sending One-Click Sales Opportunities

Nowadays, most customers expect an omnichannel approach from businesses. That means that they want seamless interactions with brands across all channels, from social media to SMS marketing to the company website. When you send texts that promote a product or sale, make it easy for customers to make a purchase by providing a direct link to the product or, better still, the product ready to go in a digital cart. And don’t forget to tie in asking them to join your social media channels.

Amplifying Discount Codes

Looking to see how well your SMS marketing campaign is going? Create a unique discount code that customers can only access through text.

Not only does sending a discount boost sales, but by sending a unique discount code, you can track how often it’s used. Then, you can compare the conversion rate of discount codes sent versus discount codes used to see how many recipients are following your CTA. With eTextco you have the added advantage of being able to use unlimited keywords with multiple campaigns.

And an advantage to creating a sale using SMS is you can create more urgency with a great deal. Restaurants, for example use a very successful marketing system to create urgency by sending a text message for a special meal deal just before lunch or dinner on a slow day. By making the deal hard to refuse and sending it out just before regular meal times and with a short expiration date they get an immediate influx of business. People tend to open text messages right away and this helps to get immediate response.

Approach SMS Marketing the Right Way

SMS marketing can produce great results as long as you have the right approach. The good news is that putting together a strong SMS marketing campaign isn’t difficult or expensive. Give these text message marketing ideas a try and you’re bound to experience a business breakthrough. If you need help, we’re just a phone call away at 866-622-5710.

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