Toll Free Texting now available with eTEXTco

In addition to the comprehensive text message marketing platform we offer via our site at eTEXTco we now also offer toll-free texting using your existing toll-free number. This offer some huge advantages to traditional commercial text message marketing that commonly uses a shared short code.

The biggest advantage is the ability to use any keyword you choose. With traditional short code text message marketing you are limited to using a keyword that is not already being used by anyone else. This means popular keywords like pizza, sale, coupon, special, etc., are generally already taken. With our new toll-free texting you can use any keyword without limitation.

Because this uses an existing toll-free number you are not sharing the number with anyone else. It does require you to already have a toll-free number or you can purchase one inexpensively with services such as Grasshopper.

The texting service does not effect the normal operation of your toll free number or add any additional costs to your phone bill. We simply enable your toll-free number to be able to send and receive commercial text messages thru our service. Note that you would not have a short code you would ask people to text to your toll-free number instead. Some advantages to this are that its helps your branding, helps consumers to have and remember your toll free number, consumers can text you back and it helps to generate more consumer engagement. As well, we provide you an inbox to be able to quickly and easily respond to any messages texted back to you by a consumer.

As mentioned a consumer can text you back. The text is received into a special inbox within your eTEXTco control panel from which you can reply or interact with the consumer as well as engage them and collect additional information. It can also work as a live chat box to communicate directly with a consumer in near real-time.

Another huge feature is you can send longer messages. With traditional short-code texting you are limited on all platforms to 160 characters in the U.S.. With toll-free texting you are limited to 250 characters which enables you to send longer text messages.

Included with toll-free texting are all of the same great features we offer with our short-code text messaging platform.

There is a nominal setup fee of $395 and monthly fee of $89 which includes 1750 free monthly text credits and it takes about 72 hours to integrate your toll-free number into our system. For more information simply call us at 1-866-622-5710 or visit and we’d be glad to answer your questions or help you get started.

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