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We process hundreds of emails a day. Some junk, some solicitations, many from clients, notices from our security apparatuses on our web servers and so on. As a business we retain everything. In fact, we have every email we’ve ever received since being in business from 1998 until now. Of course, we archive emails more than a year or two old. Even then, in our email client we have over 10,000 emails stored as we tend to keep everything in the email client that is less than 2 years old.

We’ve tried different email clients over the years with the goal of using the one email software that is easiest for us to maintain our emails, track our emails, find an email or a subject quickly and easily and generally simply keep track of what is going on from day to day. We tried Outlook and didn’t like it at all. Maybe it was simply too fancy for us. In fact, I’ve tried to move to outlook a couple of times and was simply disappointed each time. We tried Thunderbird and it too didn’t satisfy us. Like Outlook I think it just wasn’t easy enough for us to deal with.

So we’ve stuck with windows live mail, up until now. Live mail we found to be simple to operate and reasonably good enough to satisfy our particular needs up to a point. Bear in mind we have multiple email accounts, more than 10 as we also have webmaster@ accounts with respect to clients we manage websites for and other client related accounts we control on their behalf as we manage multiple services for clients in addition to our own businesses.

Recently we started having some issues with live mail mostly that it seemed a little sluggish at times. Speed of processing is important to us. So once again we went out and looked around to see if we could find a better solution. That is when we found eM Client. So we decided to test it. We downloaded the free trial and gave it a spin and we’ve never looked back. It does everything we need and so much more we find it to be a fantastic solution for our needs. So much so we even signed up as an affiliate which we rarely do unless we are so sold on a product we use then why not (so by way of disclaimer we will receive a small commission if you purchase it through our link).

First of all we transferred in all of our accounts, folders and emails from windows live mail. It did this almost flawlessly. The process to do so was very simple just a few clicks. There were a couple of issues in naming of a few folders weirdly but we simply renamed them back to our liking.

For me, one of the things I liked was it very much resembled the client I was already using (windows live mail) but with a few very useful improvements. Under the old system I basically had 2 columns. Left column was all of my email accounts and folders and a special view of all new emails from all accounts under one spot. In the right column was my email of focus and all the emails under the particular account I was on (usually the view of all current emails for all accounts).

But then it goes one step further. It very nicely keeps the entire thread of an email discussion neatly tied together in a way that is very easy to navigate. And that is where it excels in my opinion and makes my task so much easier than it ever was. When I am on an email if there is other emails in the thread they are neatly tied to the email in a way that with one click I can open them above the current email and neatly scroll thru them to view the entire thread.

In addition there is now another column far right that has the entire communication with this particular client and another column that shows all attachments ever received form the client. Wow, it is now so very easy to keep track and to find anything I need to find when I need it.

I notice too that the program seems to be blindingly fast and has so many other cool features you just have to check it out for yourself. SO if you are like me and fed up with your current email client and looking for something much better give eM Client a try. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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