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Great Search Engine Optimization Tips For Better Marketing Strategies

search engine optimizationDo you constantly see people in the industry talking about the importance of SEO for your business, but you still haven’t gotten around to it?

If you’re already doing well with your marketing, you might keep putting search engine optimization on the back burner. Now is the time to get started, so you can reap all of the benefits of organic traffic and brand recognition in the search engines.

Proper search engine marketing and optimization can increase your online business by as much as 20% or more. The average aggressive search engine marketing program for our clients has been seen to increase their online sales by as much as 40%.

Continue reading this article, and we will show you the best SEO tips and tricks to getting started, even if you’re a beginner.

1. Focus on One Topic

When you want to get attention in the search engines and grow your conversions, focusing on one topic is the straightest line to your success. Even if you are multi-passionate and do a lot of things, creating a clear focus for your website will decrease confusion and increase relevancy.

When search engine “spiders” crawl your pages, you want them to understand what your content is about. Creating a lot of content around one topic allows these spiders to piece together what your site is about and whether it is an authority on the topic.

By focusing on your core topic of business you’ll have the greatest level of success in the search engines.

We’ve seen clients generate a ton of success with this method but then go straight dowen the tubes by trying to spread themselves into tooo many places at once so don’t make that same mistake.

2. Set Up a Blog

If your website doesn’t have a blog, you’re missing out on hundreds or even thousands of organic traffic visitors each week. If you look at tools like Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, and SEMrush, you can see how many keywords your competition is ranking for and think about how this could be you as well.

When you look at your competition, you’ll notice a great deal of the keyword terms they rank for are due to their blogging efforts. Start working on getting your blog live right away to reap the same benefits and even surpass your competition.

If you need help in getting top quality material written for your blog we have affordable monthly blog article writing programs.

3. Blog Consistently to Increase Your Authority

Blogging now and again isn’t the best way to increase your authority. If you’re an authority in the industry, you’ll always have something to say. You should create at least one article weekly, or 4 articles a month if you intend to get recognized by major search engines.

As you’re blogging weekly, you should always remember that you’re writing for your audience. You aren’t writing for search engines. Since you’re writing for your audience, you need to first think about whether or not this is information they want to learn about — then think about the SEO.

4. Understand On-Page SEO

While you aren’t writing for the search engines, there are some best practices you can put into play to make your blog post more likely to rank. You might have heard these referred to as on-page SEO, and here are some things to remember.


When you’re writing a blog post, you should have a primary keyword in mind that you’re trying to rank for. That keyword needs to be in prominent places like the title tag, meta description, alt text of an image, in the first 100 words of the content, and in the conclusion. if you are using WordPress for your blog which is wqhat we recommend you can install a plugin for seo such as Yoast SEO that will help you in knowing where to put the proper information. With our managed SEO content writing programs we offer this service included.

The more you write content for your blog, the easier it will be for you to remember where to put the keywords as you’re creating content. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget one of the best practices because it’s very easy to go back in and edit it without hurting your chances of ranking.

Internal Links

Internal links help with SEO for your current piece of content, the piece of content you’re linking to, and to your content overall. If you look at all the top sites like Forbes, you’ll see they have many internal links and are always promoting other articles on their site.

External Links

External links to credible authority sites will help boost your SEO. Link to stats, case studies, and other things that can back up your article. As well thesehelp to show the search engines your content isn’t all about being self-serving but is bona-fied information developed to be relevant to your visitor. In fact, self-serving content tends to perform poorly in search engines and is not recommended.

Content Length

The length of your content makes a big difference in how well your content ranks. The more in-depth your content is, the more likely your content is to answer multiple questions and queries, which means more top spots in the search engines.

4. Develop a Link Building Strategy

Link building is an essential part of SEO, and you need to develop a strategy around it. Hoping for links won’t get you to your goals as quickly as you’d like, if at all. By building outside links to your content you support your content and get greater search engine exposure because that outside link is like a vote of confidence for your content which gives it greater credibility.

You can look into link building strategies like guest posting, press releases, and being listed as a source for reporters. These are just a few ways to get links, but they are very powerful and can help you nudge your site toward the top of the search engines. Our company offers very affordable programs that include all of these services.

5. Increase Site Speed

If your site is slow, it will hurt your search engine rankings. People aren’t patient and won’t wait for your site to load, so it will send signals to Google and other search engines.

When your site is fast, people are likely to click around and navigate to different pages, which sends positive signals to search engines. You can use various site speed checkers to see how fast your site is and what is slowing it down.

Focus on the biggest issues and work your way to the minor issues, or you may find you don’t have to deal with the minor issues because your site is fast enough after the big fixes.

6. Make Sure Your Website Is Indexed

One of the things that will put your search engine optimization efforts at a standstill is not having your website indexed. If your website isn’t even showing up in Google and other search engines — they have no way to rank it.

You might have a tag or option on your website that you clicked the caused your website not to be indexed. Check to make sure you’re not hiding your website from the search engines. If you’re not sure how to do this you can enlist the assistance of a professional webmaster service such as ours to help you.

If you don’t have a no-index tag or something else keeping your site from being indexed, you can submit your site to the search engines, or preferably, throw a few backlinks at it and wait for it to be indexed shortly. If you are a search engine marketing client of our company we can fast track your indexing organnically by linking from our website to yours. Since we are crawled daily by the major search engines this gets you noticed within a very short time and is the best way to get indexed since you don’t have to wait for the search engine to get around to visiting you.

7. Mastering Search Engine Optimization

Now you’re learning more about search engine optimization, and you have some of the basics you need to be successful. Continue learning, and you’ll be able to master SEO and use it to keep growing your business. Or, simply hire an affordable professional search engine marketing service and then you can concentrate on simply running your business.

Do you want to learn more about SEO and other online marketing topics? Our blog has many articles that can help you as you’re growing your business online.

Check out our article on comprehensive keyword research before you go.

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