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Tips on Growing Your Small Business: Email Capturing 101

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If you don’t have an audience listening, there’s no point in speaking. Build up your listeners with email capturing to take your business to the next level.

One of the most effective ways of growing your business is through email capturing. Your email subscribers are people who willingly opted into your offers. They typically convert into buyers fast due to their interest in your business.

As an email marketer, you want to collect emails, nurture your list, and boost conversions. The struggle with email marketing is the capturing of more contacts.

Luckily, there are tools and tactics you can install to increase email subscribers. Read on for all the email capturing tips to help you grow your business.

Maximize on Popular Posts

Web traffic is often the most significant source of email leads. Most of the time, prospects interact with your content before signing up for your email list.

Your most popular content can be your next significant source of subscribers. You can use the best performing video or blog posts as a hook to increase leads.

If the blog post has a lot of views, shares or comments, you can maximize it for email capturing. It is the source of your organic traffic. Turning the post into a hook can help you get quality leads.

Convert the post into an ebook and offer it as a freebie for collecting emails. You can also place an email capture form on the blog post’s sidebar as a call to action. Through google analytics, you can establish the best performing content on your website.

Use Targeted Leads for Email Capturing

Lead magnets could be a PDF, a case study, an ebook or videos that incentivize your visitors to act. They provide your users with a clear reason or benefit for signing up into your email list.

Most businesses use the generic lead magnets on almost all the website pages. For instance, a bland message to urge users to sign up for your newsletter won’t appeal to many people. Targeted leads are more useful for email capturing.

You can craft offers that match your visitors’ needs. For example, you can create an “email capturing tips” ebook for your email marketing posts. You could create unique giveaways around each blog post. For your product pages, you can use pricing offers or discount pop-ups.

Make Subscription and Sign-up Forms Easy to Find

Today, convenience is one of the most significant needs for customers. All your marketing campaigns need to be easy to access and use. The trick is to reduce customers’ efforts on your website or email collecting forms.

Your customers’ time is valuable. Ensure all the subscription forms are accessible to save customers from searching. You can also reduce the details needed on the forms to avoid confusing the customer.

If you’re giving out an ebook for each email, you only need the user’s name and their email address. Put your capture forms at the top or on the sidebars of your content. Each blog post should end with a subscription form to encourage sign-ups.

Use Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Your content needs to arouse curiosity and convince users to provide their contacts. Sometimes some users will click right pass all your email capturing baits.

Your site becomes more effective if it can help you collect emails from the bouncing users. Exit intent pops enable you to show a captivating call to action to the users abandoning your site.

With cart abandonment rates at 69.57%, exit pop-ups can be the way forward to cut losses. The pop-ups track the activity on your website and appear at the exit stage.

Exit pop-ups can help you be able to recommend other products to the leaving user. Collecting and analyzing data for reasons why the exits can also help you to improve your products.

Optimize Your Website and Create Remarkable Content

There’s a direct relationship between email capturing success and web content quality. Your website must be attractive. It must be navigable and faster to load for the sake of user experience. Research shows 70% of people won’t interact with your business if you have a poor website.

With an excellent website, you can attract people to interact with your content. Butt that’s only a slight part of using your site to enhance email capturing. The larger lies in optimizing content for your audience.

If you want people to subscribe to your emails and opt into your offers, craft better content. If your content is remarkable, they’ll sign up and share their experience.

Encourage Subscribers to Share

If you already have an email list, you can capitalize on it for email capturing. Your list of email subscribers is a group of people interested in your business. What if you requested your current email list to share your content?

Imagine each of your 30 subscribers sharing your email to at least three of their friends. Email sharing takes your message to hundreds of prospects.

If a person receives the forwarded email, they can also share it or subscribe to your business. The subscribe link can take them to your website and boost your email capturing efforts.

Gate Some of Your Top Content

Content gating is a technique to prompt users to act before they can access your content. You’ll use the existing content to improve email collection.

As a marketer, you aim to tap the most leads from each post. Some of your content ranks high in search engines and it attracts hundreds of visitors per day. Sometimes people read your top posts and leave without taking any action.

If you gate your top content, users will share their credentials to be able to login to your site. You’ll encourage email subscriptions and get high value leads.

Use the Right Email Capturing Tools

Email capturing is more effective if you integrate technology. Setting up the landing pages or locking content aren’t tasks you can do without the right tools.

Email capturing tools enable you to set up the best landing pages, pop up forms and install floating bars.

Here’s a list of the top email capturing tools for every email marketer:

  • Sleeknote
  • Listbuilder
  • Pippity
  • Optinmonster
  • Thrive Leads
  • And Bloom

Use Email Capturing for Your Business

If you master email capturing, you can be sure to pool a list of high-quality leads. Your business is likely to grow faster if you can craft your content to a specific audience. With an extensive email list, you can segment and deliver relevant offers to boost sales.

For more information on how to convert leads, check out this article.

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