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Keyword Research Tips: 5 Fundamentals That Go Into a Great Keyword

Keywords Research COMMUNICATION  research, on-page optimization, seoKeyword Research Tips: 5 Fundamentals That Go Into a Great Keyword

It’s no secret that great business SEO hinges on the keywords choose to use. If you’re looking for expert keyword research tips that work, this blog is for you.

Did you know that almost 93% of keywords get fewer than 10 monthly searches? Most keywords will only reach a ceiling of 10 monthly searches. Doesn’t seem like much, does it?

It’s no secret that all successful SEO campaigns begin with an in-depth, strategic keyword research regime. Businesses and organizations don’t just apple-pick their keywords from the SEO tree, there is a ton of work that goes into blooming SEO success.

If you’re looking for keyword research tips snd fundamentals that even experts can use, then you’re in the right place.

1. Set Out Your Topics

Before you dive right into the keyword research world, it’s important to sit back and think about all the relevant topics that your brand and business would want to rank for.

This is kind of like creating a list of themes that you may be deemed an expert of in your industry. For example, if your company is a property management company then you could come up with a list of topics that would be something like:

  • Rental properties
  • Property maintenance
  • Rental management

And the list you create should range between 5 and 10 topics that you could talk about. Think about what your customer might be looking for, then put that on the list.

2. Now Fill Your Topics With Keywords

Our next expert tip is to take those topics and create little umbrellas out of them. Under each topic umbrella, you’re going to list keywords that are relevant to that heading.

The objective here is not to build your final list of keywords but to create a detailed list of everything you can think of.

3. Think Of Relevant Phrases

Now, keywords don’t just live in isolation. Usually, they form friendships with phrases. You know how when you’re typing ‘plumber’ into the Google search bar, you’ll be greeted with suggested phrases that may go with it.

These include searches like, ‘plumber near me’ or ‘how to hire a plumber’.

Write as many phrases as you can down, or better yet, spend time on Google and type in your keyword ideas and see what comes up.

4. Keyword Research Tips And Tools

You don’t have to do all your keyword work alone.

You can find countless keyword research tools online that can help you build a complete list for your website based on founded statistics.

Look around online and make a list of the pros and cons of each keyword tool available, sign up and make use of one that gives you all of the expert benefits.

5. Understanding What Makes Good Keywords

A big part of being a keyword expert is understanding what makes a good keyword. The thing is, it’s incredibly difficult to take a wide approach with your keyword strategy and SEO tactics.

The more niche the approach you take, the higher your chances of ranking are.

Keep in mind the three main factors for good keywords: relevance, volume, and authority. Combining those three in the right mix can mean success or failure for your website.

All Hail The King Of Keywords!

You’ve made it through our keyword research tips but you may still be feeling overwhelmed. It’s okay to feel that way.

The road to the throne of the keyword kingdom is a journey and not a destination. There will always need to be room for growth and room for adaptations, as SEO can change over time.

Need a little more keyword-loving? Find out how to increase your rankings with keywords!

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