Keyword Ranking written in search bar on virtual screen
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A Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research

Keyword Ranking written in search bar on virtual screenA Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research

If you’re writing content for your website or blog, keyword research is essential. Find out the essentials in this quick guide.

There are more than 5 billion internet users worldwide, making it the perfect market for a business to grow and reach more clients. Of course, the only way of tapping into that market is by having an online presence, and even then, you’ll need to use SEO (search engine optimization) effectively. Without SEO, your online presence will go almost unnoticed.

Luckily, many digital marketing companies can help you in keyword research, page ranking, and other SEO metrics. You can also try to tackle some aspects of SEO, for example, finding the best keywords and secondary keywords. That’s what we will discuss today, how to research the best keywords for your business.

First of all, let’s understand what keywords are since they are the foundation for SEO.

Keyword Basics

Keywords are words or phrases that people search for in search engines, and keyword research involves learning the language target clients use when looking for products, content, and services. Once you understand the keywords that the target client uses, you’ll need to analyze and prioritize which keyword works best for your website.

It’s the foundation of SEO because you need to avoid writing content about things that nobody is searching for on the internet. Most reputable digital marketing companies have the resources required to find the best keywords to boost your SEO. Of course, if you prefer to do this on your own, it can get a little tricky. Regardless, let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Keyword Research Guide

You’ll need to find the main keywords of your niche. Some websites can provide you with an idea of keywords, but you can figure it out yourself if you have a common niche (more or less). For example, if your niche is “gaming laptops”, then perhaps these are some keywords:

  • Gaming
  • Laptop
  • PC games

Of course, this is only an example of possible seed keywords, but they aren’t necessarily the ones you’ll use.


The Keyword Research portion of this post is a quick overview on how to do keyword research, using the words people use to search for your product on Google and other major search engines.
In order to do that well, you need to understand what is happening in the world at large and the way people are searching. Keyphrases are words or phrases that people search for in the world of search engines; some keywords may be unique, while others may be very similar, but they all have one thing in common: they drive traffic towards your website.
Once you know what people are searching for, then you can start figuring out which keyphrases will make them click through and go to your site and you can tailor your written content accordingly. The keywords that people use when they look for your product or service are often not very specific (i.e., “product” or “software”), so it can be helpful to ask yourself two questions:
• What kind of experience do I want my users to have? (How can I make that experience better?)
• What are the words or phrases people will use if they want to find information about my product? (What might those words or phrases have in common?)

Competitors Keywords

Now you’ll need to search on a search engine and see what comes out first whenever you type one of the seed keywords. Once you find a site similar to yours, you’ll need to copy their URL and paste it to a website like keyword spy that allows you to see what their top keywords are on their site.

Use a Keyword Analyzer Site

As previously mentioned, some sites like the one above can provide you with an idea of what keywords you can use. Keep in mind that many offer premium paid services if you want more information, but the basic one can guide you. Once you know them, you can start creating content using the keywords you find, and you’ll see how your page ranking goes up!

Keywords Are a Way to Grow Your Business

As you can see, keyword research is necessary if you want to rank higher than your competition. While you can do this yourself, experts always recommend using a digital marketing company experienced in helping you succeed.

If you require a reputable digital marketing company, then look no further and contact us! Adtastic has been around since the start of the internet, meaning we know how it works. We also give a full suite of services that will make your website easier to manage, so don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch with us.

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