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5 Key Benefits of Text Message Marketing

man holding a smartphone5 Key Benefits of Text Message Marketing

It’s time that you start using text message marketing for your business. Keep reading to learn how it can help you and your business.

In a world ruled by social media DMs, WhatsApp Messages, and Snapchats, text messages might seem obsolete. But we’re here to argue quite the opposite.

It’s the most popular marketing channel in the world, reaching more of your audience than any other channel. If your business isn’t using it, you’re missing out.

There are plenty of benefits to text message marketing, but we don’t have all day. So, here’s the top 5 benefits to convince you to start using text message marketing for your business. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Higher Open Rates

Research suggests that text message marketing has the highest open rates, of up to 98%. This is alongside a response rate of up to 45% according to the same study.

Most marketers would kill to get this kind of response rate on other channels such as email marketing, where open and response rates were respectively 20% and 6% in comparison. Some of this is due to bypassing the spam filter blackhole. But for many customers, it’s because SMS is a preferred method of communication.

2. Most Used Channel

Marketers are always weighing up which channel is most valuable to them. Most often this comes down to the numbers. Which are the most popular channels and where are most of your customers?

For example, Instagram has become an invaluable marketing tool with more than 1 billion users as of this year. Not to put this achievement down by any means, but more than 5 billion people have a mobile phone. That’s more than half the world population.

All this is to say, if you want to reliably reach the largest portion of your audience, we guarantee SMS has the best potential to do so.

3. Boost Customer Engagement

Just like with other marketing channels, there are a variety of strategies you can apply for your SMS campaigns, all of which can boost your customer engagement.

You can do things like offer exclusive deals and discounts to those subscribed to your SMS marketing list. It shows your customers you value and appreciate them by rewarding them with something special. You can also run contests to get people excited about your brand, as well as build up your text message list.

One of the most valuable aspects of SMS is that it’s a two-way communication channel. This means you can use it to better engage with your customers with things like surveys and polls. Customers can offer insightful feedback into aspects of your business you may be blind to.

4. Cost-Effective

It’s no secret that the price of many digital advertising channels is going up. Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads campaign prices seem to inflate every year. But more frustratingly, while the price goes up, for many the reach and click-through-rates have gone down.

Because of how under-utilized it is, SMS remains one of the most cost-effective marketing channels, offering the best results.

5. Integration With Other Channels

Any good marketer should know it’s not a one or the other approach that works in digital marketing. The best approach is with an omnichannel strategy, which text message campaigns should be a part of.

Start Text Message Marketing Today

With so many benefits, text message marketing is an unmissable tool for your marketing efforts. Not only will it expand your reach, but it can increase your engagement considerably too.

We can help you set up text message marketing with our affordable, custom solutions. To find out more about text message marketing, check out our blog post about starting text message advertising.

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