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Search Engine Marketing

What should I budget for SEO?

I’m still a little amazed at people that come to me and ask me to get their (new) website to ranking at the top of the first page of Google and then state they have a budget of $200. I have to explain to them that is probably not a distinct possibility and anyone that […]

Search Engine Marketing

The value of mobile marketing

The value of mobile marketing simply cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, for a lot of small businesses, it is. As a company we work primarily with small businesses. Their bottom line is our bottom line so to speak because everything we do is towards helping them be more successful online. We know that the more successful […]

Search Engine Marketing

Link building and Page Rank (Revisited)

We originally wrote this post in 2008. We’ve revisited it now, 9 years later to dust it off and bring it up to the times. Since 2008 much has changed in the major search engines, the overall search climate, link building and page rank and the Internet at large. Sem like a million years ago […]