Internet Marketing

The Power of Web Analytics, Part II

This is a followup to the post we wrote a few years ago about the power of web analytics. In that post we provided some reasoning about why web analytics is important and how no online business should operate without it. Now I want to discuss some of the basic components that I believe are […]


Adding eCommerce for your business, part 2

In a previous post I expounded on the virtues of Zencart and how it made perfect sense for a small business on a limited budget needing a comprehensive and robust eCommerce platform that was easy to setup, configure, customize and operate. On the positive side, Zencart is free software, has a lot of third party […]

Generally Speaking

Best place to purchase stock images for Web Design, or not

I just received an email from Adobe because I am on a developer list. It was an offer to purchase images from them of “Unbelievable Quality” and “Unbelievable Price.” The email went on to say “Adobe Stock gives you access to 40 million curated, high-quality, royalty-free photos and graphics to help you create your best […]


Conversion Growing – The Final Step To Online Success

How does a new business or an existing business with lackluster online sales growth build a profitable online business or eCommerce store? The answer to this involves a series of steps which need to be applied consistently. “Do the right thing enough times, get the right results,” is a saying I like to use often. […]

SMS Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing is still a no-brainer

We’ve talked before about text message marketing and how it is a no-brainer (see post). Recently we’ve added a couple of real world case studies on our site at, one of a restaurant and another of a real estate agent that again prove that text message marketing is a program that virtually all businesses […]


Adding eCommerce for your business

I was reading an article recently on Open Forum entitled “tips for adding eCommerce to your business.” Although I found the article entertaining as it did have some valuable tips for adding eCommerce to your business I found it sorely lacking in that it didn’t really provide anything substantive on HOW to add eCommerce to […]

Generally Speaking

Service vs World Class Customer Service, Once Again

Again I run into what I consider the difference between mere service and world class customer service. I spoke about this subject in a previous post here. Recently I signed up to try an newsletter/email management service on behalf of a client that you might be familiar with called “Mailchimp.” We’d previously initiated the service […]


eCommerce Security 101

There are some basic rules one should follow if they operate an ecommerce site that are important for overall security for your business and your customers. Unfortunately we see clients not paying attention to these rules and sometimes it might cost you dearly. 1. This rule applies to both your personal and your business. Never […]