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The .craze of domain registrations

I think there is a .craze of domain name registration schemes by registrars these days. It started around the time of the .info, .me and .biz extensions. I have to admit that I did find a few useful domain names with those extensions but only a few. Overall I think it is not a great […]

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Every Day Should Be Black Friday

Let’s face it, Black Friday is notoriously frenetic, at least from the retail standpoint. And then there is Black Monday, the “Internet’ version of Black Friday. But of course, just like Christmas marketing seems to begin earlier and earlier every year so too now Black Friday and Black Monday marketing schemes are being pushed at […]

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Customer Service or World Class Customer Service

There is a difference between customer service and world class customer service. It would be nice if all companies strove towards world class customer service but unfortunately it seems that the former is the status quo. No company is too big or too small however to practice the latter. The ultimate result in my opinion […]

Internet Marketing

The Art and Science of Growing a Successful Web Business

Growing a successful web business is both an art and a science. There are many moving parts which must be successfully bound together and over the years we’ve experienced both the good and the bad. The important thing in my opinion is to learn from our lessons and continuously evolve. There are some steps to […]

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The value of mobile marketing

The value of mobile marketing simply cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, for a lot of small businesses, it is. As a company we work primarily with small businesses. Their bottom line is our bottom line so to speak because everything we do is towards helping them be more successful online. We know that the more successful […]

Internet Marketing

3 kinds of Internet Marketing Customers (part 3 of 3)

This is the final post of our 3 part series of the 3 kinds of Internet Marketing Customers Adtastic has served. Although there are probably as many types of Internet Marketers as there are websites these 3 reflected in our series are the most common types we have experienced in our 16+ years of business. […]

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Where are your company reviews?

Have you seen what people are saying about you? Go to and search your company name for reviews  (type in: yourcompanyname reviews) This is how people will check you out before doing business with you. Chances are more than half of your potential customers not only will search online when they are interested in […]

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Case of the missing webmaster and the lost domain name

It is unfortunate perhaps that this is not the first time we have had to help someone recover their domain name when an unscrupulous and unethical webmaster goes missing. In fact, we’ve had to do this many times. Fortunately we’ve been successful every time. Basically it works like this. A naive client hires someone to […]

SMS Text Message Marketing

New Text Message Marketing Program

Text message marketing is one of the most affordable and effective forms of marketing for a retail business today. For example, compared to the traditional method of providing coupons such as display advertising it cost much less and has a return rate 5 times greater on average. Most of the companies that offer text message […]

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3 kinds of Internet marketing customers (continued)

In our previous post (3 Kinds of Internet Marketing Customers)we talked about customer A and how they will likely not succeed at their Internet marketing unless they become more like customer B or C. In this post we will talk about customer B. Customer B recognizes that having a website isn’t about “Build it and […]