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Where are your company reviews?

Have you seen what people are saying about you? Go to and search your company name for reviews  (type in: yourcompanyname reviews) This is how people will check you out before doing business with you. Chances are more than half of your potential customers not only will search online when they are interested in […]

Generally Speaking

Case of the missing webmaster and the lost domain name

It is unfortunate perhaps that this is not the first time we have had to help someone recover their domain name when an unscrupulous and unethical webmaster goes missing. In fact, we’ve had to do this many times. Fortunately we’ve been successful every time. Basically it works like this. A naive client hires someone to […]

SMS Text Message Marketing

New Text Message Marketing Program

Text message marketing is one of the most affordable and effective forms of marketing for a retail business today. For example, compared to the traditional method of providing coupons such as display advertising it cost much less and has a return rate 5 times greater on average. Most of the companies that offer text message […]

Internet Marketing

3 kinds of Internet marketing customers (continued)

In our previous post (3 Kinds of Internet Marketing Customers)we talked about customer A and how they will likely not succeed at their Internet marketing unless they become more like customer B or C. In this post we will talk about customer B. Customer B recognizes that having a website isn’t about “Build it and […]

Internet Marketing

3 Kinds of Internet Marketing Customers

In our business we have found that basically we have three types of Internet Marketing customers that come to us. Let’s call them internet marketing customer A, B and C. Here is an example of internet marketing customer A, based upon our real world customers. (We won’t mention any names or other identifying information as […]

Generally Speaking

The biggest reason for lack of success on the Internet

Our company has been doing what we do for long enough that we can see the reasons for the small businesses with a successful website and the ones without a successful website. And we are not talking about whether you are “getting rich” or not getting rich from your Internet venture. Basically, we are only […]

Internet Marketing

The Power of Web Analytics

Most small businesses on the Internet today don’t really understand the power of web analytics. They’ll spend $300 running an advertisement in the newspaper each month which has limited exposure and is time-sensitive on its return but when it comes to marketing and promoting their website they spend nothing at all or next to nothing. In […]

Search Engine Marketing

Link building and Page Rank (Revisited)

We originally wrote this post in 2008. We’ve revisited it now, 9 years later to dust it off and bring it up to the times. Since 2008 much has changed in the major search engines, the overall search climate, link building and page rank and the Internet at large. Sem like a million years ago […]